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REDSEA Products

The satellite communication technology using VSATs is a mature and proven technology. The high area coverage and flexibility of satellite communication are essential benefits in comparison to various other communication networks in numerous fields.

Together with an individual solution for your needs our satelitte communication products direct the way for an enhanced and better future communication. We work with competitive high-performance products and deliver excellent price-quality ratio with an customer oriented services.

Our products fulfill the increasing need on worldwide highspeed communication using the latest technologies like:

  • C-band: It is significant for less disturbance from heavy rain fade and cheaper bandwith.
  • Ku-band: Due to higher power levels at new satellites, Ku-band allows for significantly smaller earth station antennas and RF units to be installed at the VSAT location. It also does not receive interferences from microwave links and other technologies. The installation is cheaper and more easy, the unit needs less power and the RF unit is chwaper as well.

Besides VSAT, REDSEA Communications offers the products below:

Why work with RED SEA


Ten years of extensive experience in satellite communications

Installations often might look trivial, but actually they depend on a lot of experience on the field along with engineering calculations.


We adjust ourselves to different standards

We have many kinds of customers, and we know how to adjust ourselves to different standards if required.

Service approach

Individual customer approach

We adjust ourself to the needs and requirements of our customers and to the specific requirements of their location.


Different customers and markets

Among our customers are local internet service providers, energy groups, construction and engineering groups, hotels and resorts operators, finance and trade businesses, producers from the industry and agriculture sector and more.



VSATs have been in use for over 20 years and therefore it is a mature and proven technology to provide connectivity to the internet using a fixed satellite system. We can provide both C band and Ku band services, using the latest DVB-S2 technology.


BGAN terminals and satellite phone: Satellite phones allow making and receiving phone calls from almost everywhere on earth. BGAN terminals are very small and portable terminals that allows fast connectivity to the internet from everywhere on earth.


A satellite modem is a modem for data transmission with a communications satellite as relays. There is a wide range of satellite modems starting with the affordable home devices up to expensive multi functional systems for foreign assignments. The latter are mostly used by companies.


Knowing every time where your cars, trucks, vans, boats and construction site equipment are located is the most important factor of fleet management: This satellite based solution allows on-line monitoring and supervising of vehicles over the internet. The solution allows integration of panic button as well.


VOIP (Voice Over IP) allows international incoming and outgoing calls over the internet. Our solutions allow as well connecting several branches in different locations (at same country or in different countries) to each other, allowing free calls between the different branches.


To manage a logistics company or a mobile project it is necessary to have a stable communication network everywhere and at any time. To be connected and to receive and forward information.

What is best for me?

Red Sea Communication is dedicated to providing all clients the best service possible. Regardless whether you are a private customer or a company, send us as mail to find out which from our many services will best suit your needs.

What is best for me

More facts on REDSEA

REDSEA is a satellite communication provider, which integrates broad range of services, products and solutions, together with strong presence on the field.

The monitoring system:

The online monitoring system allows our customers to be independent and check the status of every site of their by themselves.

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